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Story from “The Keg” II

In Stories from the Keg on February 25, 2010 at 11:43 am

Each week or so, we’ll highlight a great TC writer who is exploring our next show’s theme (Spring Break for March 6!).  Let’s hear it for acclaimed local speculative fiction author, David Oppegaard!

The Party Animals

By David Oppegaard

Brad Koogs and Tate Mueller hadn’t attended college in more than a decade, but that didn’t stop them from still hitting the shit out of spring break each year.  They had been born to party, and party they must.

Koogs and Mules, as they referred to themselves, flew to the south of Texas every March, touching down in Corpus Christi.  From there, they descended on Padre Island in a rental SUV, storming the beach with coolers full of beer and cargo pockets full of ecstasy.  On that first hallowed morning of spring break, they’d set up their base camp with practiced fluidity, nearly silent as they laid down an old Persian carpet over the sand and set up two lawn chairs, a José Cuervo sun umbrella, and their beloved jam box.  They’d sit in the lawn chairs and feel like kings of old, staring into the golden waters of the Gulf of Mexico while the drugs and beer did their work, the prophetic music of Bob Marley and Dave Matthews wafting around them.

Read the rest of the story here.


The People in Your Neighborhood

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Top row from left: Ken Chastain, Stephanie Wilbur Ash, Geoff Herbach, Andy Sturdevant, Molly Priesmeyer.

Bottom row from left: John Munson, Dave Salmela, Jenny Adams-Salmela, Joel Liestman.

Photographed by Karl Raschke in our natural habitat—a studio so jam-packed with music-making electronics everyone sits on the piano bench together.

This picture does not deceive. We are a lot of fun at parties. Especially Ken. He brings a cowbell wherever he goes.

We’ll see you at our first show on March 6.

Story from “The Keg”

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2010 at 1:30 am

Each week or so, we’ll highlight some of the cream writers we’ve got right here in The Keg.  Our theme for March 6 is Spring Break!  Please enjoy this excellent Spring Break story by Maggie Ryan Sandford…

Return of the Wee Folk

by Maggie Ryan Sandford

It started to go bad when someone brought up leprechauns.  The scary kind, like from the movieLeprechaun, and Leprechauns 2 and 3, and Leprechaun 4: Leprechaun in Space, Leprechaun: In Da Hood, and Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood. It must have been Stickney that brought it up.  His real name is Alex, but Stickney was his road name; we’d seen it on a highway sign somewhere in Illinois, and like an edict from God, Stickney he was called, because he was tricky and sneaky and liked to puncture things by sticking his little pin-like canines in them:  aluminum cans, non-dairy creamers. Cara was Luverne at first, then Spearfish, then Rimrock.  I was Aberdeen.

Read the rest of the story!

Next week we’ll here from the excellent novelist David Oppegaard.

Check out pretty poster!

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Thanks to Betsy Donovan (and Andy Sturdevant for the beautiful neighborhood-scape). Have you ever seen so many delicious colors?  Makes us hungry for chewy candy.

We’re gearing up new songs tonight and flexing with some brand new sound effects.  We’ll post practice video by week’s end!  March 6 is going to be good.  Get your tickets!

Spring Break I

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Our first show, March 6, has a Spring Break theme.  A couple of weeks ago, we asked for interesting Spring Break stories on the Facebook.  We will perform one of the submitted stories during the show and post several more (a great one coming from Maggie Sandford).  Here is one exchange, lifted directly from the comment section on the Facebook (the brothers Sturdevant, Louisville natives, and Herbach took part — Note: Andy Sturdevant does live upstairs).

Nate Sturdevant

I spent all my spring breaks in L.A.!

Andy will finish the second half of the joke.

January 22 at 8:14pm ·

Geoff Herbach

Andy, are you up there (I can actually hear you walking around)?

January 22 at 8:15pm ·

Andy Sturdevant

Oh, yes, this is a classic hometown schoolyard joke.

Wow, Nate, really? L.A.? That sounds very glamorous!

January 22 at 8:41pm ·

Nate Sturdevant


January 22 at 8:42pm ·

Andy Sturdevant


January 22 at 8:44pm ·

Andy Sturdevant

That’s the joke.

January 22 at 8:44pm ·

The Sno Ball — Sheridan Neighborhood Fund Raiser

In Performance on February 6, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Steph and Herbach are hosting the Sno Ball tonight!

Read the City Pages A List to get your Sno Ball on!

Some sounds from rehearsal…

In Sound Clips on February 2, 2010 at 4:25 am

Below are some short clips.  Sometimes we know what we were doing.  Sometimes not.  Some may make the show.  Some not.  We don’t know!

Here’s a little recording of Dave Salmela, John Munson and Ken Chastain, the PKL Glee Club, working out a little PKL Theme Song?

Powder Keg Live Theme?

We all live in the neighborhood.  Here the PKL Glee Club let’s us know it’s going to be okay.

On The Block

Jenny Adams goes all musical theater about her character’s face.

Doctor Johnson

Salmela, Munson and Chastain dole out Glee Club snow emergency parking advice.  Kurt Froehlich assists.  Then, Steph and Herbach discuss his pants.

Glee Club Advice

A neighborhood kid complains about butt faces then Herbach does beatnik poetry to bongo.

Kid Club Report plus Beatnik Poem

Papa Beach and lawyers sing about the Rudolph case.

The Rudolph Case

Tune in soon for some more examples, as the show evolves to where it shall be…