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Some sounds from rehearsal…

In Sound Clips on February 2, 2010 at 4:25 am

Below are some short clips.  Sometimes we know what we were doing.  Sometimes not.  Some may make the show.  Some not.  We don’t know!

Here’s a little recording of Dave Salmela, John Munson and Ken Chastain, the PKL Glee Club, working out a little PKL Theme Song?

Powder Keg Live Theme?

We all live in the neighborhood.  Here the PKL Glee Club let’s us know it’s going to be okay.

On The Block

Jenny Adams goes all musical theater about her character’s face.

Doctor Johnson

Salmela, Munson and Chastain dole out Glee Club snow emergency parking advice.  Kurt Froehlich assists.  Then, Steph and Herbach discuss his pants.

Glee Club Advice

A neighborhood kid complains about butt faces then Herbach does beatnik poetry to bongo.

Kid Club Report plus Beatnik Poem

Papa Beach and lawyers sing about the Rudolph case.

The Rudolph Case

Tune in soon for some more examples, as the show evolves to where it shall be…


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