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Spring Break I

In Uncategorized on February 11, 2010 at 3:49 pm

Our first show, March 6, has a Spring Break theme.  A couple of weeks ago, we asked for interesting Spring Break stories on the Facebook.  We will perform one of the submitted stories during the show and post several more (a great one coming from Maggie Sandford).  Here is one exchange, lifted directly from the comment section on the Facebook (the brothers Sturdevant, Louisville natives, and Herbach took part — Note: Andy Sturdevant does live upstairs).

Nate Sturdevant

I spent all my spring breaks in L.A.!

Andy will finish the second half of the joke.

January 22 at 8:14pm ·

Geoff Herbach

Andy, are you up there (I can actually hear you walking around)?

January 22 at 8:15pm ·

Andy Sturdevant

Oh, yes, this is a classic hometown schoolyard joke.

Wow, Nate, really? L.A.? That sounds very glamorous!

January 22 at 8:41pm ·

Nate Sturdevant


January 22 at 8:42pm ·

Andy Sturdevant


January 22 at 8:44pm ·

Andy Sturdevant

That’s the joke.

January 22 at 8:44pm ·


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