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About PowderKeg Live!

Somewhere in the heart of the urban Midwest is the PowderKeg neighborhood, where hosts Stephanie Ash and Geoff Herbach live, tell stories, entertain poets, listen to musical guests break hearts, showcase the diverse voices of the PowderKeg, sometimes make out, and (gulp) raise a family.

The PowderKeg is that kind of multi-generational, deep density, mixed-use neighborhood where you walk around thinking that the other people in the neighborhood look familiar, like maybe you went to middle school with them or something, or maybe you are just recognizing them from the gym. And then you wonder what they’re doing with their lives, and if it’s anything like what you are doing with your life, or if it’s better, more like it is on TV.

It’s also home to a Mexican bakery, a saddle shop, a lightrail station, and a hot yoga studio on the same street.

It’s the kind of place where residents remove snow with a $700 snowblower, with the same metal shovel Grandpa used fifty years ago, with a pack of pit bulls peeing it down to slush, and with a passing degenerate looking to earn a full case of beer doing a half-assed job on your sidewalk. (Basically we get rid of snow anyway possible—we’re an enterprising bunch, and it ain’t gonna shovel itself, now is it, kid?)

PowderKeg Live! is the radio variety show that documents all of this debauchery. Recorded at the fabulous Ritz Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or sometimes at an unnamed location deep in the PowderKeg, you can hear it right here.

Or you can come hang out at a show. We got an historian, an old lady, a men’s glee club, and even a slide whistle! (We own the slide whistle free and clear.)

For more answers to your burning questions

ashstephanie[at]hotmail[dot]com or geoff[dot]herbach[at]gmail[dot]com


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