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Photo by Karl Raschke


Stephanie Wilbur Ash writes and co-hosts PowderKeg Live! with her non-married domestic partner, Herbach. She is also the voice of, and former editor of JuiceBox for families from Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Back in the day, she was one of the writer-performers of the Electric Arc Radio Show, and one of the co-creators of the original musical, Don’t Crush Our Heart! During PowderKeg summers she coaches her children’s little league baseball team (good hitters, terrible fielders) and eats locally. During PowderKeg winters she suffers from seasonal depression and survives on a full-spectrum happy light, plus anything she can purchase from the gas station, which is sort of like eating locally if you consider that she can walk there from the house.

Geoff Herbach writes for and co-hosts Powderkeg Live! with Steph. He is one of the co-founders of the Lit 6 Project and Electric Arc Radio. He helped write and perform the musical Don’t Crush Our Heart!. He writes for and occasionally performs with Radio Happy Hour. He is the author of a couple of books: The Miracle Letters of T. Rimberg, from Three Rivers and the forthcoming Stupid Fast from Sourcebooks.  In his spare time he likes to sing really high.


David Salmela, Musical Director

John Munson

Ken Chastain


Jenny Adams voices female characters in the Powderkeg Live! neighborhood. Jenny has been a creator and performer with the Electric Arc Radio Show, heard on Minnesota Public Radio, since 2005 voicing a wide range of characters. She also played Marisha in the 2009 musical Don’t Crush Our Heart!. Jenny has studied voice and acting at Nautilus, McPhail, and the Guthrie in Minnesota. She also played Candice in the television pilot Career College, shot in New York. She began her career in acting by impersonating pilgrims for historical tours on the Roanoke River in her home state of North Carolina and has been smitten with a live (and riverboat) audience ever since. Jenny has been a curator for the Minneapolis art gallery and collective Creative Electric Studios since 2004.

Joel Liestman voices many of the male roles for Powderkeg Live! He played Sherman in the Nautilus Music-Theater’s version of Don’t Crush Our Heart!. He has performed with several Twin Cities theater companies including The Guthrie, The Children’s Theatre, The Ordway, Nautilus Music-Theater, Theater Latté Da, Old Log Theater, History Theatre, Playwrights’ Center, The E.S.C. and Thirst Theater.  He’s also appeared Off-Broadway in New York, with theaters across the country, and in the occasional office cubicle.  All things being equal though, he would chuck it all to play for Manchester United.

Andy Sturdevant is a performer and contributing writer for Powderkeg Live! He is also host of the Salon Saloon monthly arts and culture revue at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, and writes regularly about visual art for Along with several other Powderkeg contributors, he helped write and perform the 2009 musical Don’t Crush Our Heart!. He can be seen regularly on many of Metro Transit’s most popular and best-loved bus and rail lines, including the 21, the 53, the 5 and the northbound Hiawatha LRT.

Kurt Froehlich

Molly Priesmeyer is contributing writer to Powder Keg Live! She is also a journalist and writer whose stories have appeared in City Pages, the Star Tribune, the Pioneer PressRolling, and ArtNEWS. She has worked locally in the Twin Cities area as an arts writer and investigative journalist atCity Pages; as a writing teacher at McNally Smith College of Music; as a visual-arts writer; and as a wannabe comedian in her own home. She has performed as a storyteller at theWomen Stand Up! series at Bryant Lake Bowl; Salon Saloon; and most recently at Mulilgan Stu’s Do-Over Revue. She is working on her first series of short stories, “Why Me!?: A Martyr’s Guide to Life.” She’s been working on it since the fifth grade.


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